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If your home is clutter-free and organized, it creates a stress-free environment. I always say "healthy home, healthy mind" and to me that means keeping your home neat, clean and orderly. Clutter in your home (and life!) can be overwhelming. There is an emotional component that contributes to the difficulty of letting go and or purging. Once you embrace a healthy lifestyle for your home you will be in awe of the end results, feel productive and overwhelmed with emotion that the process of organization can be fun and liberating!


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Jane Abrahams

Founder & Owner, Jane's Addiction Organization

After hearing time and time again from friends and relatives how impeccably organized her house was with three young children at home, Jane realized she had a unique gift that she wanted to share with others. Opening your home, and your mess to a stranger is not an easy thing to do. Jane and her staff make you feel comfortable and at ease from the minute they walk in. Jane's warm and caring personality carries through to her carefully selected and trained team of professionals. No job is too big or small for Jane's Addiction Organization.  


To read more about Jane and the personal story behind Jane's Addiction Organization, you can visit her page on by clicking the icon below.

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