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Jane's Addiction Organization is a complete lifestyle service designed to de-clutter and organize your home and your life.... one space at a time.  Our fun, stress-free approach to organization will make it easy to transform your space and restore order to your home.  No job is too big or too small.  

Organizing your life one space at a time


Your home is your sanctuary and we make it our mission to provide you a space that feels healthy while making you happy. We take on any room in your home including:

  • Kitchen

  • Attic and Basement

  • Bedroom(s)

  • Playroom

  • Closets

  • Laundry Room

  • Home Office



There are too many stresses when it comes to selling your home: staging, purging, packing and the actual move itself. We can service the entire process or just the areas your need:

  • Home Staging during selling process

  • Purging & Donations

  • Organized Packing 

  • Unpacking & Settling In






Switching over closets in your home from one season to the next is a daunting task. We cover:

  • Outdoor Prep

  • Backyard Sheds

  • Garage Organization

  • Winter Storage

  • Playroom Overhaul 


Stock rooms, desks and office spaces can easily get out of control with papers, boxes, samples and receipts. Our fool-proof system for retail and business organization will keep you and your staff organized and focused on the day to day tasks that drive the business.  

  • Stock Rooms

  • Sample Closets

  • Inventory Evaluations

  • Pantries

  • Filing Systems

  • Front & Back Office



One persons' trash is anothers' treasure. Don't worry about what you're going to do with all the items you're getting rid of. Our staff will schedule pickups and even take it away for you. We work with several agencies and non-profits that will put your items to good use, including:

  • Veteran's Association

  • Dress for Success





Let us sort, organize and pack your summercamp trunks for you. We even work with local retailers and camp merchandise companies to make sure you have everything on your list and that it's labeled accordingly.

  • Checklists

  • Sharpie and Label Application

  • Organizing all items

  • Packing and Unpacking



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